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Originally from Atlanta, I moved to Macon, Georgia in 2015 to get a dual degree in French and graphic design with a minor in business administration. During my four years at Mercer University, I worked on various projects, notably helping to found and design the university's business magazine, The Bear Market. I also worked on the design of a winning application for a business competition at the University of Georgia. In 2019, with the other creators of the app, we competed for the Georgia InVenture Prize as well. For my senior project, I worked with a classmate to create a pop-up shop featuring our designs and illustrations on hundreds of products. We created an online store as well as the design of the pop-up shop, which was located inside of an art gallery and sold out on the opening night in April 2019.


Later that year, after completing my bachelor's degree, I moved to Paris to pursue a master's degree in art direction.  

I spent the beginning of my first year teaching English and traveling in my free time then interning for a small graphic

t-shirt company for the rest of the year. My second year I worked as the community manager and graphic designer for Hors Normes, a start-up incubated at Station F.

Over the past six years, while perfecting my french, I have also developed my skills in graphic design, illustration, community management, marketing, branding, photography, and videography.

It definitely is not easy moving to a new country alone or learning a new language, but it is absolutely worth the experience, and in my opinion an important part of education. That is why, in my free time, I love writing articles or creating videos to encourage and help other students figure out their first steps to getting started on their journies abroad!