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Originally from Atlanta, I moved to Macon, Georgia in 2015 to get a dual degree in French and graphic design with a minor in business administration. During my four years at Mercer University, I worked on various projects, notably helping to found and design the university's business magazine, The Bear Market. I also worked on the design of a winning application for a business competition at the University of Georgia. In 2019, with the other creators of the app, we competed for the Georgia InVenture Prize as well. For my senior project, I worked with a classmate to create a pop-up shop featuring our designs and illustrations on hundreds of products. We created an online store as well as the design of the pop-up shop, which was located inside of an art gallery and sold out on the opening night in April 2019. 

Later that year, after completing my bachelor's degree, I moved to Paris to pursue a master's degree in art direction. I spent my first year teaching English and interning for a small graphic t-shirt company in my free time and my second year working as the community manager for Hors Normes, a company incubated at Station F, the world's biggest start-up campus.

Over the past six years, while perfecting my french, I have also taken a wide variety of classes, allowing me to develop skills in multiple areas. In addition to general courses and all of my design courses (drawing, art history, interactive design, motion design, typography, packaging design, layout design, design thinking, etc.), I also studied psychology, photography, videography, animation, virtual reality filters, branding, business and marketing.