I'm Kristen.

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Currently located in the Atlanta area.  
I spent 4 years at Mercer University in Macon, GA studying Graphic Design, Business Administration & French. After graduation, I moved to France to pursue my master's in Art Direction at YNOV. While I was abroad, I had the opportunity to spend a year working at the world's largest start-up campus, Station F, located in Paris. I gained tons of valuable experience working at an accelerated pace with a fast-growing French company!


During my time at Mercer, I engaged in many projects, but I am probably most proud of helping to establish the University's first business magazine (I worked as the sole designer for 2 years)! Another achievement that I feel honored to be associated with is inventing an application that participated in competitions at our university, as well as the Georgia InVenture Prize (broadcasted in Atlanta each year), and even the University of Georgia (where we won the top prize). For my senior project, I co-founded a design studio and even built a pop-up shop with a classmate.

After moving to France, I started out as an intern at a t-shirt design company. When the pandemic hit, I created an illustration that was featured in one of China's top 10 most visited museums, The Opium War Museum, as a part of an exhibit raising awareness about COVID-19. Later that year, I started working for Hors Normes, a start-up that is fighting food waste in Europe. During my time there, I was able to enhance my competencies, by taking on multiple roles. I handled all things graphic design, videography, photography, website design, re-branding, & community management. Working closely with the founders, I was able to learn about the process of creating and managing a company, as well as speaking often with clients to better understand their needs & what we could improve upon. 

Since moving back to the States a few months ago, I have been working as a freelance designer for several businesses and a freelance translator for marketing content. 


Through my years of education & experience, I have developed skills in all things graphic design, branding, photography, illustration, UX design, community management, marketing strategy, customer service, & more. I also have acquired a level of professional fluency in French & of course natively speak English :)


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Lightroom, Microsoft Suite, Keynote, SketchUp, Wix, Shopify, WordPress, Canva, Slack, Notion, Google Workspace, Zoom, Teams, Skype. 


Feel free to send me an email at info@kristenblack.com or give me a call to get in touch!
+33 6 02 37 90 09 for those in the EU or +1 (470) 886-1340 for those in the US