Kristen BLACK

         Originally from Atlanta, Georgia (USA), I moved to Macon,

GA in 2015 to study graphic design, french and business 

administration. During my time at Mercer University I was a

part of the club soccer team, worked for the university in the fitness center and at the front desk and also worked as a barista

in a coffee shop next to the campus. I always participated in campus activities such as intramural sports and various

academic clubs. I helped found a business magazine and was

the sole designer for the magazine until I graduated in 2019.

Even after graduating, I continued to work for the magazine until the spring of 2020. I also helped create and design an application, participating in several business competitions at Mercer

University, The University of Georgia and the Emmy Award

winning competition for the InVenture Prize in Atlanta, which

was televised by Georgia Public Broadcasting. In May of 2019 I graduated cum laude with departmental honors.


In September of 2019 I moved to Paris, France to start my

Masters degree. During my first year in Paris, I worked as an english tutor for children, completed an internship with MIRA

Paris, a graphic t-shirt company, worked from home as a community manager for Street Legal AZ, a driving school in

the US, and also worked on freelance projects such as menus

for a local bakery. I started my thesis and completed my first

year of Masters, hoping to do an internship and finish my

degree this year. 

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