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American Food: Where to Find it / What You Won't Find

Updated: Jun 30

Okay, so I am not expert, but I have been here for over a year. I have a few places where I go when I really need a specific American ingredient or want a childhood snack. I also have discovered that some things just don't exist here and I haven't been able to find them anywhere, so I have had family mail some from home, but it's quite expensive. I think I really craved so many things from home since I haven't been able to go home since September 2019, thanks COVID... but typically I would be able to go home on a regular basis and probably wouldn't be missing these things as much. But anyways, whether you're here for a few months, or you're never going home, here are the place where I find American food and here are the foods that I suggest you bring in your suitcase.

Places where you'll find something from home:

• My favorite American épicerie located near Châtelet-Les Halles: In Good We Trust. It's a

bit expensive, but they have some quality things like Betty Crocker cake mixes and icing,

Reeses, Twizzlers and other candies, Pop Tarts, Lucky Charms, hot sauces, cornmeal,

corn syrup, brown sugar, Grits, Cheez-Whiz, Ritz, Cheez-its, Goldfish, jello, etc. Here's the address.

• My favorite online store: My American Market. Still a bit expensive, but I think that's

normal for imported goods. I find it a bit cheaper than In Good We Trust, and they have a

bit more variety. The downside is they are always sold out of everything, so it can be hard

to actually make an order, but you can turn on notifications to know when things will be in


Marks & Spencer. Not American, but British, so all of the products are in english. I have

found they carry some similar things to a US store. I buy gravy there, pumpkin spice,

large carving pumpkins around halloween time, marshmallows, pancakes, and scones

(which are basically like eating a southern biscuit haha). The good thing is the price is

lower and there are stores everywhere in Paris!

Lolly's at Châtelet. It's a little candy store that has lots of American candy, some small

cups of cereals and mac and cheese, and sodas.

• Costco! There's only one in the suburbs and you have to have a membership. So it's far

and ideally, you need a car because you buy in bulk. But they have lots of things, but it's

always changing. I have found lots of random things from cream of mushroom soup to

Ritz crackers to sheet cakes to Fireball (prob my favorite find lol). They don't have as

much as I was expecting but the prices are super cheap, like for groceries in general

compared to french supermarkets, so that is definitely a plus! They also have tons of

appliances and things like any Costco.

• Auchan/Carrefour City/Monoprix. It's a myth that there's no peanut butter in Paris. I find

it everywhere, just maybe not the best brands. Usually I find Skippy in most stores in

Paris though. I get the American version of refried beans, jarred jalapeños and teriyaki

sauce at Auchan. Auchan has an international American section, but it sucks haha. I

guess you can get pancake mix there, but I have never even heard of most of the brands

in the section.

• Amazon. I have ordered Bisquick, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms on

Amazon. They don't have tons of things, but you can occasionally find a few things there.

The price is average, I'd say a bit cheaper than the American stores here, but more

expensive than Walmart for sure haha.

Things to bring in your suitcase:

*P.S. don't judge me for how unhealthy these things are haha, but these are just some things I ate growing up and occasionally have a sudden craving for*

• Hamburger Helper

• Good salsa

• Salad dressings like ranch, thousand island, french, catalina

• Velveeta shells, or Velveeta and Rotel for cheese dip

• Vanilla pudding but the jello brand

• Vanilla wafers (I wanted to make banana pudding haha)

• Chips Ahoy chewy cookies (I feel soft packaged cookies are hard to come by here)

• Chili Powder

• Any spicy sauces or powders would be good to bring. (I can only find tabasco here but

no Frank's or spicy spices.)

• Crunchy Taco shells

• Hershey Kisses

• Black beans

• Purple tortilla chips (I used to love those)

I am sure I will think of more things that I miss, but in general it is possible to find most things here. It is just super expensive!

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