• Kristen Black

Buy this Before Showering in France

When I arrived a year ago, no one told me how much calcium was in the water in Paris. I had always bleached my hair in the US, but I used good products and kept my hair somewhat healthy (as healthy as you can when you color and use heat products haha). But, within a few weeks of arriving my hair started breaking and falling out.

At first I assumed that it was the pollution, so about 7 months in, at the beginning of the first confinement, I decided to stop bleaching it. I thought I didn't have a choice, plus confinement was the perfect time to let my dark roots grow out since I was stuck at home anyways! A couple of months ago I found out that it was actually due to the water here. The calcium build up on your hair causes breakage, dandruff and hair loss. I wish I would've know that from the beginning, I could have saved my blonde hair :(

I ended up buying a new shower head for my shower a few months ago and have already noticed improvement. So, I highlyyyy recommend that everyone buys a filter for their shower when they get here to avoid destroying your hair! I bought this one from Amazon, but there are lots of different ones you can buy. Just search "Pommeau douche anti calcaire." I think they're probably all similar, the important part is to have one!

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