• Kristen Black

Easy Way to Make Money in Paris

If you want to get a job as soon as you arrive here in Paris, you're almost guaranteed to get hired as a baby sitter. I got a job a few weeks after arriving with Speaking Agency. I signed up online, got a call a few hours later, scheduled my interview, passed the interview the following week, applied to work with a few families, got a call the same day to work with a family, met them the following day, then started the next week.

The pay was about 12 € an hour, which is much better than minimum wage in GA haha. The good thing is that you can choose where you work and what times. On the site if you see there's a family looking for a babysitter only on Wednesdays and that's the day you are free, then you choose them. You can have as many families as you can fit into your schedule as well. I was just babysitting in english, but if you are officially teaching english, the pay is higher. You can do both through Speaking Agency and you can even teach other languages with them if you speak others. You don't have to be a native english speaker, but you have a better chance to be chosen if you are.

Of course there are several agencies you can work with, you can also try posting in Facebook groups and look for a family on your own. I have friends that have successfully done both. Either way, this is definitely the quickest and easiest way for you to start legally making money in France!

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