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Finding Housing in France sans Guarantor

It can be pretty difficult to find housing in Paris from abroad, several months in advance, and with no guarantor (cosigner) or french bank account.

Once you're in France it can be a lot easier, but if you need something months in advance in order to get your VISA, I highly recommend the residence I am currently at. It is the biggest student residence in Europe and its easily accessible to Paris by train (20min in the RER B) the station is just a 10 min walk from the Residence, or you can take the bus that will drop you off right in front.

I can't even explain how cool my residence is. You can check out their website but it is literally a dream place to live. There are all types of rooms. You can live alone or with up to 5 other people (I don't recommend however. I started with this and it was a struggle living in one room with 3 bunk beds lol but this type of room is super cheap for Paris - under 400€).

In the residence there are two cinema rooms where you can plug in your laptop and watch films with friends, there are pingpong tables, a pool table, foosball tables, a video game room (with nintendo switch, ps4, etc.), a music studio to record music, another gaming room for more advanced gamers lol, a laundry room (costs 5€ per wash but it includes detergent), a bar and restaurant sur place, a huge kitchen to cook and bake with friends (even though all rooms, minus the bunk bed dorms, have kitchens anyways), outdoor basketball and soccer terrains, a big screen with bean bags where they show sports matches and music videos most of the time, lots of space to hangout downstairs on the weekends, and really nice spaces to study. Everything is included (except the cost of the laundry machines and driers), including sheets and towels and a change of linens every two weeks as a part of your rent. In general it is just a super cool place to live and a great way to meet people. I met 95% of my friends here. But check it out for yourself! It is definitely a cool place to start with since you can easily reserve it in advance with no cosigner and you can pay rent by credit card monthly, so no french bank account, no problem. Plus it'll be a good way to make new friends if you're coming here alone!

*If you do happen to move to the residence, mention my name and you'll get a 50€ gift card (:

If I didn't convince you, here are some other links to find housing in Paris, although I did not have much success with these when looking for a place 3 months ahead of time. They could be more useful once you're already here.

Student Housing:

Roommate and Regular Housing:

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