• Kristen Black

French Version of Misfits Market

Just wanted to write a quick article for you guys to share a startup here that delivers organic fruits and vegetables here in Paris. If you know Mistfits Market, Imperfect foods, Ugly Fruits or OddBox this is the french version.

You may have read on my About page, that I have started working with Hors Normes, so I may be a little biased (; but, I really think that this is a great solution for buying produce here. All of the products are organic and grown here in France. The goal is to fight food waste by taking produce that would typically be thrown out due to size or slight aesthetic problems. The good thing for you is that you're getting healthy locally grown food for up to 30% less than at the supermarket, plus its good for the environment!

You can get your basket delivered to one of their point relais for free or delivered directly to your house for 5€. A basket of 4kg costs 15€, but if you guys are interested in trying a basket you can get your first basket for 30% off using the code STATIONF30 (which makes it 10.5€)

Let me know what you think if you end up testing Hors Normes!

If you're not interested in trying a basket out right now, you can always follow us on Instagram for weekly recipes!

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