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Got Accepted ? What's Next ?

This will be a short and boring post because there isn't much to say. If it is anywhere from January to May, and you have been accepted, there is not necessarily much you can do yet. I was stressed thinking I wouldn't have time to get everything in order, but you honestly can not do much until 3-4 months before you leave. You can't start the Visa process more than 3 months out, and plane tickets are the cheapest 3-4 months before the departure date.

SO, if you have been accepted already, congrats! You can kind of just chill for the moment. If you do not have a passport, go ahead and get that. You can always start getting Visa documents ready, however you're still super early. You can start glancing at flights, but the tickets won't be cheap yet, I promise. (Plus if you don't use a private browser, airlines will use cookies to see that you're looking to book, and they will raise prices). Even for housing, it will be hard to find something this early. You need housing to get a Visa, but many options won't be ready as far out as 4 months in advance. I found a semi-pricey place in a student residence outside of Paris, but it was all I could find. I suggest taking what you can get to get your visa and to start off, then once you get here it is pretty simple to find cheaper apartments with a better location (you just won't be able to leave your current place for a month - that's just how housing contracts work here. So plan to spend that long in the first place.)

Basically this article is just to say if you've gotten in, you're on track. I will start to post specific articles about how to find cheap flights, good housing, what to pack, what to prepare for your visa, etc. a little closer to that time. For now just relax and be excited for the amazing experience you'll soon be having! And check back soon for more how to's and next steps! (:

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